bullet     It has come to my attention that the information within this web site is all too often being taken as totally correct and verified.  Please, please, please......realize that this is just a work in progress by someone who enjoys the hobby of genealogy.  Not all information here is verified.  Much is taken on trust from many people and then for convenience, put together, in what I feel, is an easy to understand format.  Do not take the information found here and place it somewhere else on the web without making this clear.....and if you just can't control yourself, and you have to post it as totally accurate fact, please do NOT attach my name to it!   I only offer this information as a help for anyone who needs a place to start looking.  I believe strongly that if we only posted information that had been totally verified, we would miss out on a lot of direction in our search.  But, I also feel we need to use unverified information wisely and responsibly.


bullet     If you have comments please feel free to email me!


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